The new way of retail relationship


FUSION is a Scandinavian High Performance brand in the categories Running, Cycling, Training and Triathlon and we have the recipe for your success in the retail market.


We believe it is the future of the retail market and it  favors the entire supply chain and specially the stores, rather than the old model, where the stores are subject to large pre-orders, risks and long delivery times.


Your success is our business

  • Ongoing Business with a long-term perspective


  • Highest product turnover rate in the industry


  • Lowest stock binding in the industry


  • Lowest claim rate in the industry


  • Sustainable products and business


  • Easy to use – easy to handle


  • No risk – the right products, at the right time, in the right quantity


The power to scale

For a start, just bring 4-6 products in play. 4 seasonal tights and complementary tops to have a great start. Then you can expand the range, when you see the success come.


  • Good economy and earnings for you
  • Low stock binding
  • Small investment
  • In positive liquidity within 4 weeks


The vast majority of retailers who start up with FUSION products are in positive liquidity within 4 weeks, and thereafter there will be positive liquidity subsequently.


Simply increase your product turnover rate (sell the same product again and again), instead of stock building. 

Business model that automatically adapts to your store needs – regardless of the unforeseen emerging challenges


  • Day to day adjustments
  • Perfect complement to your existing brands
  • Pure Scandinavian design
  • Customer thoroughly tested products
  • Business proof in Denmark, Netherland, Germany and Sweden
  • Flexibillity on your terms
  • Corona truely confirmed the business model success to the stores –  and how they adapt from day-to-day

Average numbers per years for dealers






Order size


Core Values


  • OEKO-TEX Certified. Free from harmfull chemicals
  • Made in EU at FUSION owned factories
  • Retail first
  • Family owned business
  • Sustainable – Long Lasting products, durable fabrics and no overproduction.
  • We own and control every part of the core business; Research & Development, Factories, Warehouse, Data/IT and Sales Force.

The best thing about selling Fusion products is that you know for sure that the customer is going to be completely satisfied. It is visibly clear that Fusion product is not only comfortable to wear but has the quality that lasts. That’s something you can guarantee every time.

The Fusion range has products for everyone, Beginner to Pro with good quality that cannot be denied delivering supreme value for money and product performance.

  • Henning Bechmann
  • Henning Bechmann, Sport 24, Skive

The brand features strong standard products within a range that does not constantly change meaning constant expensive write-downs are avoided.

The advantage is that we can always have the right amount of relevant products in stock.

  • Henrik Truelsen

Customer success concept

Personalized and
data-driven advices
based on AI


Stop ordering 6 month in advance. Buy week to week what you need to your store, and our data-driven AI (artificial intelligence) robot will – together with your personal Dealer Success Manager – give you the perfect advices to have the right products in the right time.


Never ever too many products and unmanageable stock binding.

Expand your business with the Scandinavian industry-leading High Performance Sportswear supplier.

Don’t let pre-orders decide season changes

Change of season when the weather forecast says so


With FUSION, you decide from day-to-day when you want to make a change of season in your store. Because you only order what you need on a weekly basis. So when you get close to the turn of the season, you just quietly turn down the summer goods and slowly turn up the winter goods. That is true flexibillity on your terms.


Do it easy with a few clicks in the dealer-login, get notified by our AI-robot or have a service-meeting with your personal Dealer Success Manager.

Lets talk business


Insights and Data-driven

We give you the opportunity to make the right decisions in the right time through our historical data-warehouse.


Durable and Sustainable

No overproduction and seasonal collections. Just great products with a long life durabillity.

Best in class

Fitting room winners and best sellers.  Dont spend time and negative energy on claims and unsatisfied customers.

Flexible integrations

Place orders via EDI or CSV files – or use our fast online-platform.

Your warehouse

We take the responsibility and control by acting as the central warehouse for you allowing you to only order the goods you want at certain moment.

Educational resources

We are ready to educate every member of your staff when the need is there and i suits you. We want to give them the tools to have success with the customers.


Dealer Success Manager

Get your personal DSM who is available on a daily basis and is focused on long-term value-generation for your success.

Virtual Success Manager

Our IT platform watch and acts on your and other customers behaviors and give you personalized automatic advises

Sell One, Buy One

‘SoBo’ – Sell one Buy one, because every time you sell an item, you can simply order another for next day delivery. Sell the same product again and again. High turnover and no risk.


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